Office Hours

Wednesdays 4-6 pm

The Parish Nurse Office is located in shared space in the office workroom.  When entering the church from the Edgewood Road entrance, turn right, second door on the right. 

Parish Nurse Office

The Good Shepherd Parish Nurses seek to integrate faith and health in the ministry of parish nursing, reminding people to care for their body, mind, and spirit. Parish nurses utilize the ELCA Wholeness Wheel to facilitate understanding and promotion of wellness.

Parish Nurses are...

Health educators in all formats, one-on-one to group seminars, to promote the understanding of the connection between attitude, faith, and wellbeing.
Personal health counselors, ready to discuss health problems with parishioners, giving clarity and support. The nurse makes home, hospital, and nursing home visits as needed.
Referral agents and advocates, assisting with the the health care system and making referrals when necessary. At times it may mean going with a member to an appointment.
Volunteer trainers and small group developers. Health ministry can not be done with one person. Christ called all to be his disciples of His ministry. The volunteer may include a facilitator to small group ministry such as arranging meals to be brought to a parishioner who might be bereaved, recently discharged from the hospital, or experiencing the joy of a new baby.

Parish Nurses