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This Cross+Generational event ministry is for young families to come together as a family and with other families and grow and be encouraged in your faith life. Parents, this is one way we partner with you in helping you raise your children. Cross+Gen is an event based ministry designed to provide enrichment opportunities for families to grow together and with God.

Upcoming Cross+Gen Ministry
Sunday Fundays: 2nd Sunday of the month  (11:00 am)

​                                      Sunday, August 13: River Float Day

Movie Night: 2nd Friday of the Month (7:00 pm)


The Faith 5 - Every Night in Every Home

What happens to children who check in with their parents every night before going to bed?

What happens to a family that shares highs and lows, scripture, talk, prayer and blessing most every night of their lives? What are the psychological, sociological, neurological and theological benefits a child receives when they are given such consistent, intentional care before drifting off to sleep each night?

How might a simple, five-step faith practice change a child, a family, and a world?

Vibrant Faith at Home

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